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13 October 2012

US presidential election 2012

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Wouldn’t it be stunning if one of the candidates for the US presidency promoted a strong proposal for a just and lasting peace settlement among Israel and its neighbors? Accomplishing such an outcome would probably take a lot of the heat off so many other international irritants.

I’m just suggestin’.

11 September 2011

Commemorating 9-11

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Peace in many languages; pass it along
As a commemoration of many lives lost to violence and with thanks to my Mac’s translation widget and to the collection of words for “peace” by Frank da Cruz and his colleagues, I was able to build this graphic. Pass it along if you like.

10 April 2011


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I’m just recommending consideration of Colman McCarthy’s argument in “A peacemaker’s case against the U.S. Institute of Peace.” It may not sit well in some ways, but it sure made me think about what a demeaning—even insulting—treatment of peace my government provides by it’s connection to the U.S. Institute of Peace.

13 December 2010


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Yes, I’ve been missing in action. I can tell. There’ve been no posts here in years! That’s only one indicator.

In fact, peace seemed to be missing in action during the most recent election cycle in the US. My colleague Chip reminded me of this. He looked at me, cocked his head a little to one side, and said, “Have you noticed how infrequently, with two wars going on, we have heard candidates talk about peace during this election?”

I had to admit that I hadn’t. I hadn’t been paying attention. I’d let other matters pull me aside. It’s a sad commentary. I’ve been missing in action. I’ll need to do some better.

Thanks for the reminder, Chip.

30 December 2008

Two years down

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How many to go?

Happy birthday, Pacifist Posse! Not being much good at singing, I’ll just lend my breath to blowing out the candles.

The first post appeared on PP 30 December 2006, so as of today, PP has made it around old sol twice. Let’s hope that there are many more and, more importantly, that the site affects individuals’ and governments’ perspective on how to treat others.

The stats for PP show that there have been 68 posts (including this one), 5 pages, and 31 comments. We only get visited about once every 7 days. That’s modest….

On to the next year.

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