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24 March 2007

Cabinet peace post

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National Public Radio’s Daniel Zwerdling had a nifty story about the idea of establishing a Department of Peace. As reported here recently, the US Congress is considering a bill to establish such a cabinet office. I like that the historical information about Benjamin Rush having sponsored such a bill more than 200 years ago.

To the members of a women’s group in Fairmont, Minn., it seemed like a simple idea: The United States has a Department of State, which promotes America’s interests overseas. And it also has a Department of Defense, which fights for them. So why not create a Department of Peace, to promote creative ways to avoid conflicts?

A national coalition of human rights groups has been campaigning for the idea, which has been around in some form since the days of America’s founding fathers. There’s currently a bill before Congress that would create such an agency. When the Fairmont Peace Club learned of the campaign last year, they decided to help. Instead, they triggered fears in their community about the very survival of America.

17 March 2007

Enough already

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Four years is simply too long…by four years. That’s the idea I dumped into my personal blog when discussing the pending rally in C’ville sponsored by Hip Hop Caucus, Iraq Vets Against the War, Books not Bombs (National Youth and Student Peace Coalition), and CCPJ.

16 March 2007

Human peace signs

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Over the next couple of days, people will gather in many places around the world and form themselves into peace signs.

==> Human Peace Sign
==> Locations

Pretty cool.

7 March 2007

Posse Member Arrested

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Possifist Pat7 March 2007—Charlottesville Police arrested a member of the Posse for trespassing at US Representative Virgil Goode’s local office today. The local action, which is part of the larger peace action, coordinated by the Voices for Creative Non-Violence and called the “Occupation Project,” has seen 9 people arrested over the past three weeks. This week, Possifist Pat was among them. One of those arrested with her, Brian Buckley, serves as the contact for the local Occupation Project effort

Local media caught the action. You can see David Douglas’ report, entitled “Protestors Arrested at Goode’s Office.” The PP will bring you more about this as we have a chance. Please drop comments (with links to other coverage) in the comments.

BONUS POINTS: The arrestee Wed 7 Mar was the same person who is shown in the current quiz on PP (see this entry). Hint-hint. Nod. Wink. Also, should that be MisRepresentative Goode?

Update: Thanks to George Loper for the good photo. Note that the pink objects in the foreground are petals from flowers been thrown in Pat’s path.

1 March 2007

Welcome to freedom

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Jeffersonians for PeaceEvery summer at Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, there is a naturalization ceremony. People who want to become citizens of the US attend and take an oath, some noted dignitary speaks, journalists cover the story, etc. Last summer, an intrepid group of CCPJ folx stood by the road leading to Monticello and promoted peace. One of these folks rides with PP. Who can identify that possifist? You can see more photos by clicking on the image. Write your answers in the comments to this post.

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